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Here at Prime Sport Therapy, we offer the following massage services:

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is not exclusive to sportspersons but a global approach to massage therapy.

Regular massages aid in reducing risk of injury and improve recovery times , this allows you to  hit your peak performance more frequently

Pre-Natal Massage

Pregnancy is a very taxing time for the body, placing both hormonal and postural stresses on the body; From your organs being shifted out of position to spike in blood volume.

Specialised massage techniques help relieve these stresses and strains on the body.

We also provide Post-Natal Massage for continued body relief.


Sports Massage Provides a number of benefits including:

– Relieving pain & minor injuries

– Improves blood flow & lymph system stimulation

– Reduces muscle adhesion as a result of weight training, Exercise & Occupational workload

– Alleviating Anxiety & Stress

– Aiding General Well Being

– Increasing relaxation levels

– Rehabilitation from sports injuries 

Brief session information

A slow, relaxing massage causes a parasympathetic response in the body, ideal after training but benificial in most instances.

Parasympathetic effects include:

Reduced neural stimulation due to the skeletal muscles relaxing.

Reduced production of stress hormones.

Reduced blood pressure & heart rate.

Sympathetic response causes opposite effects which are ideal in preparation for activity.


Sports Massage:

Initial Consultation – Includes Postural Analysis & ROM Testing – £10

Massage Sessions

30 Minutes – £30

60 Minutes – £50

75 Minutes – £65

90 Minutes – £75

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