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Using a strip of tape with an acrylic adhesive, support & stability are provided to the muscles and joints without compromising range the range of motion of the body.

Kinesiotaping also works in relaxing overused muscles. Taping can also be used for both acute and chronic injuries such as ankle sprains, plantar fasciltis, knee instability and poor posture.

The taping will give the joints much needed stability to achieve joint correction and alleviate muscle pain.

Kinesiology taping also provides extent soft tissue manipulation, this prolongs the benefits that are recieved from massage . Sports taping can be applied without any prior treatment.


Kinesiology taping, commonly referred to as sports taping is a rehabilitation method used for multiple purposes;

– To promote quicker natural healing

– Injury reduction & Prevention

– Relieving joint & Muscle pain

– Increasing joint stability

Conditions that can be treated with sports taping include: 

– Lower back pain 

– Poor Posture

– Whiplash

– Sciatica

Brief session information

Kinesiology taping has been shown to be more effective than certain pain killers (e.g naproxen)when dealing with inflammatory musculo-skeletal disorders (e.g bursitis) to reducing swelling and pain.

This is done by promoting blood circulation and lifting pressure from the pain receptors. It is also handy in facilitating lympthatic drainage which is responsible for maintaining vascular homeostatis and removal of excess fluid from tissues, By microscopically lifting the skins and allowing a decrease in inflammation.


Sports Taping: 

£10 Per Session



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