Here at Prime Sports Therapy, the focus is on the quality of the service we deliver not the quantity. Our range of expert services include personal training, sports & remedial massage, sports strapping & taping, myofascial decompression (dry cupping) as well as prescribing exercise programs.

Our personal training services are delivered on offer out of  aboxing gym in Deptford. 
While sports massage services provided are based at a treatment room located in the heart of Bellingham.

A wide range of treatments are avaliable to aid the rehabilitation of individuals aiming to recover from:

– Musculoskeletal injuries
– Neck or back pain
– Tendinopathy

And many more!

Some of our services delivered can also be useful to those dealing with the stress of pregnancy through pre-natal & post natal treatments.

What ever your goal may be here at Prime Sports Therapy we are commited to helping you achieve this.

Our main priority at Prime Sports Therapy is to assist our clients in achieving and maintaining their goals. 
We will take you through the process from initial assessment. to an action plan involving the techniques you desire as well as what we deem neccessary in order to get the results you want.

Stick With Us And Grow Your Grind

If you do have any questions, you can contact us:
via email at ldnprimesportstherapy@gmail.com
or call us on 07832413391

We are happy to discuss any concerns or questions you may have. 


Client details such as patient name, date of birth, gender, contact number, address, emergency contact details and medical history are acquired.

Client lifestyle details can also be collected including occupation, physically related work activities, hobbies and interests & GP details.

For personal training details such as height and weight may also be attained.

All information received is given by the client, parent, their carer or legal guardian.

Client contact details and clinical records are stored manually and digitally. 

The information that is collected is for the purpose of making informed clinical decisions and used in the modification of training and/ or treatment plans. 

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