Here at prime Sports Therapy, our focus is the quality of service delivered not the quantity.
Our expert services include Personal Training , Sports & Remedial Massage, Sports Strapping & Taping, Myofascial Decompression (Dry Cupping) as well as personal prescribed Exercise Programs.

Services We Provide

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy involves hands-on management and rehabilitation of soft tissues, ligaments, tendons, muscle and fascia.

This is achieved by applying positive pressure to the areas of concern. 

Some of the benefits include:

– Relieving pain of minor injuries.

– Improved blood flow & lymph system stimulation

– Reducing muscle adhesion’s (knots)

– Stretching of soft tissues

– Alleviating anxiety & stress

Here at Prime Sports Therapy we offer a number of massage therapy services including: 

Sports, Remedial & Pre-Natal treatment.

Personal Training

Why PrimeSports Therapy?

We make it our target to help you train no matter what the week throws at you. 

Whether your a beginner or more advanced , we will create a program to fit your personal fitness level.

Our personal training services are provided in a manner that allows our trainers to give you the motivation and support to reach your goals.

We work around your schedule to allow your workouts to work around you.

We recognise that adapting a healthy lifestyle extends beyond just exercise, which is why we provide you with a professional nutrition plan to balance your training.

We track your progress every week and update your training plan to ensure the best results.

Taping & Straping

Kinesiology taping, commonly referred to as sports taping is a rehabilitation method that is used for multiple purposes:

To promote a quicker 
natural healing process in the body

– Injury reduction and injury prevention.

From elite athletes to weekend warriors or those who don’t actively take part in sports;
sports taping is suitable for a range of individuals.


We currently offer dry cupping as part of our services here at Primesports.

You may have seen atheletes such as Anthony Joshua & Michael Phelps with dark circles on thier skin, This is a short term result of cupping.

Cupping is an ancient Chinese therapy that has recently been adapted to fit into the modern field of sports medicine.

Cups are applied to the skin which reduces the pressure inside the cup through heat or suction, this creates negative pressure. This negative pressure draws superficial muscles and skin into the cup.

What effects does this have? 

– Breaks down scar tissue.

– Increases Range of motion.

– Promotes blood circulation and activates the lymphatic system responsible for draining toxins from the body.

– Relieves persistent headaches.

and much more…


Exercise & Nutrition Programs

Personalised Exercise Programs

So you want to make a change to your lifestyle but are unsure on how to start? 

You will be provided with a personal training plan from your own dedicated personal trainer, Our plans are developed to such a high standard they exceed the industry standard minimum

Following your initial assessment at our Deptford gym, all your needs & optimum abilities will be assesed by your trainer. 
They will aim to ensure all sessions are carrried out to thier full potential and that you gain the most benefits possible. 


Or Select A Package Plan




Here at Prime Sports Therapy our focus is the quality of service we deliver not the quantity. 

Our Personal Training services are delivered on offer out of a boxing gym in Deptford, London. While our Sports Massage services are based at our treatment room in the heart of Bellingham.

A wide range of treatments are avaliable to aid sport and injury rehabilitation.

Whatever your goal may be, here at Prime Sports Therapy we are commited to helping you achieve this. We will take you through the process from initial assessment, to putting a plan in action involving the information gathered from the assessments and the techniques you desire.

Stick with Us and Grow With Your Grind

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Depending on demand we are flexible throughout the week and can travel if needed. 

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Just wanted to say thanks to Nick for a fantastic post cycle massage in Nottingham today. My legs feel amazing,

Phil, Nottingham

Thanks for coming along,the team said they really enjoyed having you work with us and we would love to have you join us again for future events.


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